A summer yard or moving sale can bring a wave of nostalgia and help us realize life is more than things. © Munic

It was a gorgeous summer day. I had taken some of my “things I don’t need any more” to my sister’s home to set up for her yard sale.

Once we were set up, an elderly neighbor of Dorothy’s strolled over to look at our items.

My sister, knowing the neighbor and his wife were moving to an assisted living home, said, “We’ll miss you two. We’ve known your family a long time. You’ll miss your home, too, won’t you?”

The elderly man replied, “Oh, we’ll miss it in lots of ways, but we have lots of fond memories to take with us. We were only the caretakers while here.”

His simple statement made me realize, all of us are caretakers while here. None of us can “take it with us.” We’re here to not only take care of our homes, but Earth and the environment.

CAROLE CHRISTMAN KOCH is a freelance writer from Pennsylvania.


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