Turn to Living , the Shenandoah Valley’s free quarterly magazine with families in mind. Living offers articles, forums, and links to great help for raising your family. How can you have the kind of family you always dreamed of having? What do you do when you and your spouse have a spat? When you just need an upbeat outlook to get you through a tough week, or tips on how to handle a difficult situation? When you’re looking for an easy recipe for a busy family meal?

Located in Harrisonburg, Va. and reaching out to all of Rockingham County and beyond, Living is found on news racks at Shenandoah Valley businesses as well as online. It includes first person stories of how people have solved family problems and issues, ideas for activities, recreation, media, developing faith, how to’s on finances, as well as local advertising opportunities in a positive environment for businesses and organizations supporting these values.

The mission of Media for Living is to bring light and hope to homes, communities and society through media. With positive values reflecting our Christian base, we strive to convey ideas which can be broadly appreciated regardless of faith.

Our Living Vision – Living inspires hope, encourages faith, and builds positive relationship in the home, workplace and community.

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Our Living Vibe – Positive, upbeat, pointing to solutions rather than just problems, wholesome, and fun.

Overall, we don’t include controversial topics, since there are plenty of other publications and websites that tackle them and since we have readers that are on many sides of various issues.

Our Living Values – Community, ethical living, supportive of strong families, volunteerism, active faith, and making a positive difference.