Melodie M. DavisEditorial | Melodi Davis
Melodie Davis, national editor of Living, is the mother of three young adult daughters, and lives with her husband near Harrisonburg, Va. Check out Melodie Davis' blog. Photo © Bradley Striebig Photography
Harvey YoderFamily Forum | Harvey Yoder
Harvey Yoder is a family counselor and teaches parenting and marriage classes at the Family Life Resource Center. Questions relating to family concerns can be addressed to FLRC, 273 Newman Ave., Harrisonburg, VA 22801 or to [email protected] Follow his blog.

Ken and Karen Money Matters | Ken and Karen Gonyer
Ken and Karen Gonyer live in Broadway, VA. Ken is the CEO of Choice Books, headquartered in Harrisonburg. Karen is a real estate agent with Kline May Realty in Harrisonburg.