Get Involved

Your donations go directly to continue the mission of Valley Living magazine.

Other ways to get involved at Valley Living

  1. Distribution – Help stock local racks with fresh magazines each quarter, and check rack regarding whether more copies are needed. Requires your own transportation, (no reimbursement for mileage). Or volunteer to distribute Valley Living through church mailboxes.
  1. Editorial Consultant – Read through articles on a quarterly basis in advance of publication. Each quarter the editor sends 10-12 articles of 700-1200 words which are screened/evaluated by a small list of editorial consultants. Provide feedback, comments or proofreading. Sent by email.
  1. Focus Group Evaluation of Content – Once a year, participate in a focus group meeting evaluating Valley Living magazine and planning for the future.
  1. Fundraising Committee – Be on a committee to plan annual Fall Fundraising appeal letter and help stuff envelopes for mailing or to type addresses into computer list.
  1. Board Members – Serve on 10-12 member board; meets quarterly for 1-2 hours with one longer “board retreat” (3-5 hours) annually, usually in the fall. Also serve on a committee of the board to help implement goals.

For more information, contact:
Media for Living, a non-profit corporation,
1251 Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802
(540) 433-5351 or