Writer Guidelines

If you think you’d to write for Living, here are our Living writer guidelines:

Tone and message: In a nutshell, at Living we like to share and tell positive stories and examples of real people dealing with real everyday life problems and solutions. Our Living stories don’t have to have a happy ending—not everything in life turns out well; but the articles/stories do need a positive or hopeful outlook.

While we publish from a wholesome values perspective, the publication does not assume a Christian audience since it is directed to the general public. Therefore devotionals, theological essays, preachy sermons, meditations, and Bible studies are not for Living. We avoid positive references to alcohol, cigarettes, substance abuse, gambling, swearing.

We want Living stories and articles to be very practical and upbeat. Personal experience stories are welcome in Living, but are not the only approach.

Our Living audience: We want to connect with parents of small children, adolescents, teens and young adults; we address singles, married couples, and of course older adults and senior citizens. We cover the wide variety of subjects that people face in the home and workplace. (See theme list below.)

Length: Features should be kept as fast moving as possible. Aim for about 800-1000 words. We can use shorter features from 250-550 words (no fillers). We use reprints as well as new material. Since we only publish four times a year, it may be 3-4 months until the editors gets back to you.

Payment: For a normal length feature we pay around $50; longer pieces receive $60, while shorter reprints earn from $35-45. If you have photos that we can use we will pay an additional $10-$15 per photo used. We use color or black and white. Payment for articles and photos comes about three months after publication, with a complementary copy of the publication. If it is only printed in one of our editions in Lancaster, Pa., all we provide is a reprint of the page.

Topic areas for Living articles:

Primary topics, used almost every issue:

• Parents of children 5 and under
• Parents of children 5 and up
• Parents of grown children
• Married couples/marriage
• Older adults/retirement
• Job/career issues
• Personal growth issues
• Family life (general)
• A feel-good piece or light, just-for-fun piece
• Singles, single parents

Secondary topics, used occasionally

• Health/fitness
• Social issues
• Environment/nature
• Educational
• Community relations—getting along better

Seasonal themes: Keep in mind that since we publish quarterly, generally the ONLY seasonal material we can use is related to Easter/spring, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Back to school, Christmas and New Year. Generally we do not cover: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or the patriotic holidays.

To submit a manuscript: We get a lot of submissions from professional writers and can only use about ten percent of what we receive. You’ll have the most success being published in Living if you become a regular reader of our publication first. You can read numerous back issues right here to absorb our vibe and values and as new issues come out each quarter. We can also send you a free sample issue of Living if you send us a self-addressed 9 x 12 envelope with four first class postage stamps. You can also purchase a regular subscription.

To Send Manuscripts or Queries:

Fill out our submission form: Submission For Living or send an email to the editor, .

Thank you! Melodie Davis, Editor