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Helpful Internet Links and Books Related to Recent Articles:


Another “SPCA” Christmas

Many people experience loneliness at Christmastime. Here is good advice from Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life”.


Taming Morning Madness

Here is a link to the National Sleep Foundation’s article on children’s sleep needs.

Here is another article about taming morning madness with a few additional ideas such as taking showers at night, getting up earlier, and using lists and charts.


I found Jesus!

Here’s another easy way to involve children in a meaningful Christmas Eve service at church.


Accidental Holiday

As a parent of a senior in high school, I savor our accidental holidays and do my best to create happy times for us as a family. Here are some ideas for staying close as your children grow into adults.


My Last Santa Claus Christmas

If you liked this story, I recommend the Laura Ingalls Wilder series Little House on the Prairie.

You may also like to watch the television series.


Engaging Kids in Charitable Giving.

There are many ways to teach our children about charity. This article gives some suggestions to add to the ones Laura suggests.


What a Child Can Learn Playing Cards

Here are a few additional card games to play with your children.

This article discusses the benefits of playing card games with children and recommends books, games and other resources to help parents.


Love, Honor, and Trust Him?

If you are an adult who might like to try skiing, this article will give you some good advice and help motivate you to go ahead and take those lessons.


The Best Christmas Present Ever

If you are looking for more wonderful stories about man’s best friend, look no further than James Herriot. Here is a book you are sure to love more than any website of dog stories.

You are also sure to enjoy Marley and Me by John Grogan.

After you read the book, then you should enjoy the “Marley and Me” movie, too.


Lauree Purcell is an editorial consultant for Valley Living and freelance writer.